Goblin, the Bulldog

Meet our Head of Quality Control, Goblin, the Bulldog. Goblin works hard and plays hard. She loves seeing and being seen, hiking, swimming, dressing up, and meeting everybody at the local events. She turned ten in 2021, so you can often catch her sleeping in her chair at events. If you give her a butt scratch, you will have a friend for life. She is best known for being the “Fort Pitt Bridge Dog,” but she has a closet full of other costumes and clothes she wears whenever she is out and about.
Goblin is a registered Therapy Dog and is always trying to make people smile.

As Head of Quality Control, Goblin takes her job very seriously. She supervises the making of each wearable accessory, and will randomly steal… er… select toys from display baskets in order to make sure they are up to standard. Goblin wears a new bandana every day, and her favorite toys are the large “Hugs & Kisses,” or X & O toys.

Get to know more about Goblin on her Facebook & Instagram pages @GoblintheBulldog